Bad credit catalogues for poor credit

People who have in their possession a credit rating that is less than perfect might think

that they will have lost the ability to purchase items through home shopping outlets.

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Now, in the past, that very well would be a correct assumption, but with the advent of bad credit catalogues, a person with poor credit can still buy now but pay later.

However, it is important to understand just how these catalogues work. Basically, services like Home Shopping Direct, Marshall Ward Catalogue and GUS Home Shopping Online will give people with bad credit approval without a credit check. This not only allows people with poor credit to have the ability to buy items without having to pay for them immediately.

However, these service also offer people with bad credit a means to repair broken credit. With regular payments, a person can establish a good record when it comes to repaying a debt. This can go a long way in helping people to reestablish a better credit and a better financial future.

The downside to bad credit catalogues is that you are going to pay more for an item than you might if your credit is in better shape. However, even this downside has been minimized to a certain extent due to the bad credit catalogues flexibility in repaying a debt. QVC is an excellent resource for online shopping and catalogues in general.

Do bad credit catalogues exist?


Traditionally, a home shopping catalogue will require a customer to make payments at the same time in a monthly repayment schedule. However, if you are coming from a low income situation, a large monthly payment may be difficult to make on time each month. For this reason, many catalogues allow those who receive weekly paychecks to make weekly payments. While the amount will be the same as a one time monthly payment, it will seem smaller and more importantly, it will look and feel like a much more manageable payment plan for some people.

One last word of advice. When it comes to bad credit catalogues for poor credit, be very careful when it comes to the cash limit you have. Most reputable catalogue services will want to start you out slow in order to avoid the possibility of you getting in over your head. While it may be tempting to spend a lot at first, you need to be careful. Any service that will let you spend till your heart desire right off the bat, might not be the best service for you.










Kirk November 29, 2011 at 11:39 am

People don't seem to realise that the true cost of buying something from a catalogue with staggered payments is going to cost a damn sight more thsn buying the same consdumer product up front.

Michael P December 12, 2011 at 1:47 pm

I get a little bit confused between who actually are normal catalogue providers and who are providers that specialize in bad credit here in the UK