Home shopping catalogues for bad credit history

When you are considering home shopping catalogues you are going to find that you have two separate and distinct options.

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The first option you have is  by using a physical catalogue. You can usually get one of these delivered to you via the mail.

The other option you have is by getting access to a services catalogue via an online website. This gives you access to every product a home shopping service offers and it is literally at your fingertips, some catalouges offer instant credit.

One of the best aspects of home shopping catalogues is the option of picking your items and paying for them later, usually in monthly installments or in a payment plan that is part of a revolving credit plan.

The only issue that you will need to consider is the the limit of credit you have been provided by the home shopping service and the amount of money you can afford to repay. This is where things can get a little difficult especially catalogues for bad credit history.

Home shopping catalogues companies

You see a company like JD Williams might give you a generous line of credit, but so often, people consider credit like it’s free stuff. It’s easy to buy something without a thought of paying for it because unlike purchasing something from a store or an online retailer using real money, you aren’t actually on the hook to pay for it immediately. That is why so many people tend to wrack up some pretty significant charges in a hurry and only later find out the repayment burden is too high.

For these reasons you need to consider, whether you are paying for the items you are buying now or later, if you can afford them. Credit gives people the opportunity to buy things they want or need without having the ability to purchase those things outright. However, it is easily abused as well. So, be careful what you buy and seriously consider whether you can afford to pay for it later.






MaggieP November 29, 2011 at 11:49 am

Home shopping catalogues are more commonly known as mail order catalogues in the UK. Despite the popularity of online shopping us Brits still love to receive a hard copy of a catalogue through the post especially at xmas time!

Malcolm D December 12, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Call me old fashioned but I am still very much of the opinion that it is best to get out of your armchair and physically go down the high street to make your consumer product purchases. Think of all these small high street retailers that are going out of business due to people increasingly buying on line…  Crazy really…