How to finance a computer with bad credit

For those daily essentials that you cannot do without such as a computer or a laptop if you have bad credit then sometimes it can be difficult to get credit in order to buy the consumer product.

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There are a number of financing options available to those who need a computer but have bad credit. One of those is through weekly payment stores like Brighthouse who cater for those  with a poor credit score. Their APR is very high but if you have an urgent need for a computer and have no money to put down then this is a viable option.

Bad credit computer finance

Another source of bad credit financing is to use a prepaid credit card offered by providers such as Vanquis Bank and the Provident. By offering a prepaid credit card the providers  do not take on any risk themselves.

A final option is taking out a payday loan. This is an option only for those that are disciplined as if you are late with the repayments it is expensive.